Visiting the beach is great fun for all involved and can provide hours of entertainment, but you have to remember, when dealing with the sea and coastal shorelines the risk of personal injury is always present.

If you follow these basic points, you will be safer and still have a good time:
1) always read the signs – these should indicate where is and isn’t safe, take the signs advice and you wont get into dangerous areas that could potentially result in injury or worse.
2) Children – When playing near the waters edge, ensure a responsible adult is observing them and making sure they do not go too far out to sea.
3) Also kids, don’t wander off, beaches can get really busy and people can become separated and unable to find their friends.
4) DON’T EAT AND THEN GO STRAIGHT FOR A SWIM!!! Give your body a good few hours to absorb and digest your meal, otherwise, you could end up with cramp whilst swimming and be in SERIOUS trouble.
5) Inflatables – When at the beach, inflatables should only ever be used by a responsible adult in attendance, never used when the sea state is not calm and always within all of the peoples depth. Follow this advice and you wont be swept away into dangerous waters.
6) Wear appropriate footwear – although some of the beaches may be sandy, broken shells and sharp rocks can result in nasty injuries to your feet, flip flops can be a cheap and practical remedy if you fancy a walk or a dip.